Ian McDonald was a perfect candidate for a striking portrait for the Archibald. This charismatic music composer had the untamed  hair of Beethoven and piercing eyes of Mozart, yet also a humorous side, which I portray ever so slightly with a curl in the corner of the mouth.

Since it was my first entry to the Archibald I didn’t think I would be in the running. When I received a phone call from the S.H. Irvine trust, informing me I had been selected for  the Salon de Refuse I was totally overwhelmed.  Even though commonly known by oher artists as ‘The Rejects” it is a great honour  to receive this award. Chosen from over 800 Archibald entries, 35 portraits are chosen after the Archibald finalist., “the best of the rest” it’s also commonly known as.,  The Exhibition goes till the end of may then  to tweed heads for another month., The Salon de Refuse also has it’s peoples choice, so fingers crossed.

The Composer