Selected from over 1200 hundred Portraits Rose Wilson’s painting of the Flynn Brothers makes the cut of only 35 finalists chosen in one Australian’s richest prizes The Doug Moran Portrait Pirze.  In this interview Rose discusses her selection of sitters and also her unique technique.

Subject: Tim Jones, Title: Mr Jones won’t be coming for dinner

The Black Swan Prize is one of Australia’s richest Portraiture Prizes, featuring the:

  • $50,000 Lester Group Prize
  • $7,500 Amana Living People’s Choice Prize; and the NEW
  • $10,000 Tony Fini Foundation Artist Prize.

Showcasing Australia’s top artists this is an exhibition not to be missed!

And the finalists are…

A huge thank you to all of the artists who entered the Black Swan Prize this year. Click here to view the finalists:


The 2013 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture will take place in September 2013 in the heart of Perth, Western Australia.
41 artworks by Australia’s best portrait artists will be on display. In 2013 the exhibition also features the newly instigated Black Swan Prize for Heritage – “Portrait of a City”, where 25 artworks depicting aspects of the Heritage of Perth will be on display.

2013 Exhibition Dates and Times:
Location:  137 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia
Dates:  Friday 20th September – Monday 30th September
Times:  Open daily from 10:00am – 6:00pm, Sundays 12:00 – 4:00pm



2013 Black Swan Portrait Prize Finalist – “Clarrie”

This is a man with no initials after his name, yet has accomplished great things.

This is a man that no books bare his title, yet has written true bush ballads.

This is a man with no golden guitar on his mantel, but sings a haunting tune.

This is a man that has never been to war but wears his medals with pride.

Like many unsung heroes, this living Australian icon is from a generation that has helped forge this so called lucky country we live in.

Clarrie, a man that has witnessed many things throughout his life, and endured true hardship in tough times, which unmistakably is etched into his furrowed brow.  A man amongst many of his generation that has played a part in indentifying this land, all with hard work, selflessness and grit in a blue collard society.

Yet faced with many adversities and conquering most throughout his life, nothing could prepare him for his ultimate challenge, when his wife of over 50 years becomes ill.

As he sits and stares blankly at his veggie patch, with the worries of the world weighing heavily on his shoulders, none of what he has experienced in life now matters, without Ethel by his side.

This man is my Father.